Sustainability at GMF

Sustainability at GMF

As of the 12th of May 2017, GMF’s Head Office and Workshop in Malaga is now running entirely on solar power. Brought about through the recommendation of one of our founders Johnny Biagioni, the installation of solar panels is part of our initiative towards increasing sustainable operations at GMF.

We facilitate the on site recycling, crushing and blending of building materials through our sister company, Concrete Crushing and Recycling (CCR). Providing this service and the supply of these quality recycled materials on site, allows us to provide cost-effective project solutions that simultaneously mitigate the production of waste materials.

Recycling and re-using on site waste materials enables our clients to improve proficiency and meet respective environmental and sustainability targets. Through the use of these solutions and our ability to facilitate this system alongside our earthworks, our clients benefit from the ease of planning and receive significant cost savings.

GMF is focused on meeting quality objectives and maximising efficiency across all of our business’ processes. Our sustainability initiative further enables us to provide value for our clients.

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